Dr. Jennifer Markham, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

The body is speaking, mind seeking, heart calling.  Are you listening?


Healing the body, mind, and soul is truly a journey back to Self.  A reclaiming of one’s sovereignty such that you are freshly rooted in ease, love, and freedom where dis-ease will not reside.  When individuals seek me out, they are often enduring suffering of some form which impedes their life. Whether that be of the physical body, the mind, emotions, or the spirt.  Our work together includes discovering how and what the body is saying, providing what is needed and the space for release and transformation to safely occur, such that the whole Being is freed of dis-ease and present to the truth and love of life.  Thus, is the journey back to Self, the journey to who you truly are.


Health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO 1948).  Healing, therefore, is a harmonization of the whole being.  Much akin to tuning an instrument, all parts of a being make up the wholeness thereof and must be “tuned” into harmonic resonance for a beautiful symphony to play.  Notice, I am not speaking of simply making symptoms go away?  Symptoms of dis-ease are providing a message that the whole is out of balance.  The journey back to Self is one that honors the clearing of misaligned patterns, beliefs, and the seen and unseen dis-ease; such that harmony is restored, freeing the mind, body, and spirit. There are myriad supportive ways to bolster healing in each individual, yet each is supported in an individualized way.  The healing journey is similar in that disease and healing occur in predictable and understood ways, while the tools used to alchemize the transformation are unique to each being.


Since a young age I embraced a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.  Yet, my journey led me through a litany of dis-eases.  Still, with all of the positive actions taken, I couldn’t seem to reach nor maintain a state of “health.”  There were improvements for periods of time, but dis-ease would always return.  It was painfully obvious that conventional medicine was making my symptoms worse.  I wanted to understand why chronic diseases still existed for people, even when they lived a relatively healthy lifestyle.  I believed there must be a way to embrace the true Self and thrive, free from disease.  Naturally, with an innate trust in the healing power of nature and the healing power of the body, I sought to understand how to bring about natural healing and vibrant health.   Taking keen advice from the old adage, “Physician heal thyself,” I spent years with my brilliant mentor who taught me how we become free from dis-ease.  There is an innate wisdom within our bodies that attempts to do all that it can to return itself to a balanced state of Being.  Along with commitment to oneself  on the healing journey, one may choose a guide to assist and support them, and the rest is having patience with time.  



At the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, I was immersed in the art and science of naturopathic medicine. While we learned many ways to guide and support healing on every level, the most important mainstay is to support healing of the Whole Being, not just its parts(i.e. symptoms).  The naturopathic approach is not to simply replace a drug with an herb for a said condition, that is called green allopathy.  What we know now and has perhaps been understood for eon, is that each moment we experience in life has the potential to put us more on track with health and truth or more off track, whether the moment be traumatic, an illness, emotional, toxic, or other.  The learned subconscious responses are often what keep an individual trapped in repeating self-sabotaging or old patterns, and yet being strictly mindful about everything so as not to repeat a “bad habit” is no place of freedom for the mind or spirit.  So thus, health is three-fold, where the whole being is harmonized within itself, where disease cannot reside.  Healing is a journey, an ever-remembering who you are, a life of truth and passion, peace and love, and thus a journey back to Self.  


sharing my passion & vision for a healthy future for all

My passion is to empower others to achieve what they are committed to in life.  I support emotional concerns, insomnia, chronic diseases, families and infertility, aging, weight loss, as well as pain.  nutrition, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, applied kinesiology, Chinese medicine, and gemstone acupoint therapy are just a few of the many tools available to support each individual.  I use my training in biotherapeutic drainage and lifestyle coaching to support my patients in achieving their optimal health. 


Health is not just the absence of disease, but the actualization of one’s health, freedom, and expression of self.