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Remove that Burden

There are a LOT of ways to detoxify. Often we see and hear that someone is "doing a cleanse." Or maybe we've done a cleanse ourselves? Is it best to detox in the spring or fall? Do we need to only drink water, take some cleansing pills, and run to the bathroom for a week to detox every year?

There is a growing list of chemicals and toxins we are exposed to daily that add to our body's burden. How can our organs function properly and keep us healthy if we are exposed daily but only cleanse once or twice a year?

What if we focused on gently, safely removing our toxic body burden every single day? Would that work? OF COURSE IT WOULD, and DOES!!! So...

Do we detox by JUICING? Do you have to do WHEAT GRASS shots? What about the FRUIT only diet?

Must we use ENEMAS? What about MEDITATING to clear our conscious? What about SWEATING it out?

In order to optimize our health, each of us may have to do a combination of these or many other things daily. Navigating what will work for me is bound to be different than what will work for you.

Get set, Get ready.....because Removing that Burden won't happen in a week and yet don't get discouraged. Let's consider what is best for each of us, to live in a clean body, mind, and soul.

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